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Hunger Games News and Views

Movie and book reviews, spoilers, Catching Fire speculation, and more!

As a complete and shameless Hunger Games trilogy junkie, it is my pleasure to bring you the latest news and views (as well as share my own) about the movies being made based on the international bestsellers. Suzanne Collins is one amazing writer (check out her other series, the five-part Underland Chronicles, if you need more of a fix from her!)

The Hunger Games Movie

So how did you like The Hunger Games film? Did you squeal over the trailer? Were you so excited that you needed a list of HG-themed activities to do while you waited? Were you like me, ambivalent, loving the movie as a separate piece, but disappointed in how Katniss was watered down? What did you think of the cuts and changes? Did you miss some of the best lines of the book? Did you think that the star-crossed lovers from District Twelve were adequately represented, or did you think they needed some help—maybe in the chemistry department? (Did you audition for the film, or check out Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone first, by the way? And what about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta?)

Music and Media

What did you think of The Hunger Games soundtrack? Personally, I would have included Nick Cave’s haunting “O Children,” which is perfect for the series—but they used it in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, so I guess it’s out. Speaking of audio, have you checked out The Katniss Chronicles? And many of us have laughed so hard at all of the parodies of the trilogy out there—especially the fake music video based on Brittney Spears’ “I Wanna Go.”

Many fans were disappointed with another issue entirely—Rue’s skin in particular, though many also claimed that Cinna and Thresh “ruined the movie for them”—highlighting that so many who claimed to read the book must have simply left their racist goggles on when the District Eleven tributes were described.

Characters We Love

Who is your favorite character? Katniss is obviously mine; she is a much needed female hero—some say a version of the Goddess Artemis—that our girls need, not only as a role model but for simple entertainment. She’s certainly no Bella Swan! But I also love Cinna, Peeta, Johanna, Haymitch, Finnick, and Mags. The series features plenty of people to love, but also those you can hate—like President Snow. By the way, do you think he’s evil or not?

And we all know how movie makers like to market their products in any way possible. I love the action figures and mockingjay pins, but a Katniss Barbie? Really? And tours that resemble those in the Capitol? That just seems like way too much.

Catching Fire Film

The sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is scheduled for release in November of 2013, just in time for my birthday. I couldn’t be more excited, of course, and I can’t wait to see who is cast for the incredible roles that book two offers (as well as who will direct, since Gary Ross isn’t returning).  Who do you think would make the best Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, or Beetee? For those who want a little dose of Catching Fire possible back story, there’s always the Finnick and Annie series, too.

The Books

I have read The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay all at least five times each (though likely many more; I have stopped counting)—though, to be fair, I usually just revisit my favorite parts. Which was your favorite and why?

Did you partake in the contest where fans rewrote the ending to The Hunger Games? Me either… But I’ve thought about writing a bit of Hunger Games fanfiction now and then.

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