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How eBooks Changed My Reading Habits

"Have you bought into the ebook trend, and if so, how much of your reading do you do on an ebook reader?"

I've always been an avid reader, sometimes finishing books in as little as a day.  Ever since I was a kid, every spare moment has found me with my nose in a book.  I used to carry a book with me in school, and read for the few minutes between when I got to class and when class officially started.

Reading ebooks has only made me more like this.  For one thing, my Nook is always with me -- it's much easier to carry in my purse than a book (and the only books that was ever possible with were mass market paperbacks).  If I have even a few minutes to kill, it's easy as pie to whip out my e-reader.

I've also been reading more, somehow, than I ever did with paper books.  Part of it is that it's now easier to organize my to-be-read list -- I just made a couple of folders on my Nook, one called "Next" and one called "Soon."  Makes it much easier to see what I need to read!

Finally, borrowing from the library has become greatly simplified.  I check out ebooks almost exclusively now, which means no driving to the library to pick books up or return them, and no worrying about due dates or overdue fines.

It does, however, mean that I am only really reading books that are available in ebook format -- and primarily ones that are available from the library.  If they aren't available from the library on ebook, they are either books that aren't what I consider too expensive for something I'm only going to read once, or books that I want to read so much that I don't care if they are a little pricier than what I would normally pay.

With all of the choices in ebook readers now, and as many of the bestsellers are available for immediate download in digital format, it's obvious that ebooks are becoming quite popular -- despite all of the traditionalists who bemoan the loss of the "book" experience.

What about you?  Have you bought into the ebook trend, and if so, how much of your reading do you do on an ebook reader?