Harry Potter eBooks FINALLY available!

Harry Potter eBooks FINALLY available!

After an interminable wait (for us fans at least), J.K. Rowling has joined the digital age.

Harry Potter fans -- at least those who are technologically inclined -- have been waiting a long time for J.K. Rowling's popular series to come out in eBook format.  Initially Rowling had taken a stance against eBooks, refusing to release her books in digital format because she didn't approve of eBooks.  Last year, however, she announced that Harry Potter would be released in eBook format for the first time -- and that she would be selling the eBooks herself via the Pottermore.com website, in order to ensure they were accessible to everyone, regardless of what device they were using.

Fans were excited -- and then disappointed again when the eBooks' release was pushed back from the original date of November 2011.  Well, earlier this week -- and with surprisingly little warning -- the wait finally ended!

As promised, the eBooks are available through the Pottermore store, which means that clicking on the 'Buy' button from one of the major booksellers -- such as Amazon or BN.com -- sends you to the Pottermore website.  You buy the eBooks there, and then you can choose to link them to your Nook or Kindle library if you like, or download them directly from the website.  They don't have any DRM on them, but you are limited to only eight downloads on each book you purchase.

If you are worried about the process, here is a great blog post to help walk you through it.  It's written for Kindle users, but I imagine the Nook works pretty much the same way.  I haven't yet tried it for myself, but I intend to soon -- the site doesn't take Discover or PayPal, or I probably would have already, but as it is I'll need to wait until I have the money.  I've been wanting to reread the entire series, but I wasn't looking forward to having to hold those heavy books, so I am quite pleased that the electronic versions are now available!