A fun cozy mystery for horse lovers

A fun cozy mystery for horse lovers

Outfoxed by Rita Mae Brown

As a horse owner and a fan of well-written books about horses (whether fiction or nonfiction), I was intrigued by Rita Mae Brown's Outfoxed, a cozy mystery that takes place in a small Virginia foxhunting community. 

I enjoy mysteries, but my primary reason for picking up the book was because I really enjoy horse books written by people who really know and love horses.  Sometimes I'll pick up a book about horses, only to be completely disgusted because it's so obvious the author knows nothing about them, but I was thrilled to find that was definitely not the case with Outfoxed.

Speaking as a horse owner myself, I love it when an author who is a horse person includes certain details -- such as describing the smell of a tack room.  This book was full of such details that I could relate to, from describing the messy process of oiling tack, to explaining how a rider happened to part company with the horse over a jump.  (I can definitely relate to anything involving falling!)  Even though I have never hunted -- though there are foxhunting clubs in Colorado, believe it or not -- these things are universal no matter which discipline you ride in.

There were plenty of descriptions of the foxhunting world for horse lovers and horse owners to immerse themselves in, but the mystery itself was also very well written.  I really liked that the main character is a 70-year-old woman who is still riding and foxhunting, despite her age -- not your usual heroine by any means.  I also thought the story was sound, and although the "whodunnit" part of the mystery took a little while to get going, it was well planned and kept me guessing the entire time.

If you want a mystery that is also rich in setting and description, this is a fantastic choice.  It's only the first in a series, and I plan on reading the rest of them, too!